We are open all long weekend… enjoy your break!

Take a look at our ever expanding timetable! We’ve introduced an Ashtanga Vinyasa practice on Wednesday mornings at 6am for those who want a thoroughly inspiring dynamic practice plus yoga therapy on Fridays at 11am. We’re loving that more of you are booking yourself in and purchasing your passes online… thanks for your support.


Simply click on the time you would like to book. You will be directed to a registration page – if you have been to the studio before, you are in the system already. Your Username is your family name; Password is your email. If you are having trouble registering-please email- the booking system is case sensitive and we can tell you how you are registered in our system. If you do not already have a pass, you will be directed towards our pass purchase page where you can purchase in amounts of : 1; 10; 25; 50; 100  classes. The you will be able to book yourself into the class. Next time you register- you can use the pass that’s on the system easily to book into your desired class.