Let’s Shrug off the Winter Layer and Spring into September!!

Namaste everyone –  

Time for another Yoga Challenge… this time- the  theme is recharging and re-energising the body for the Spring & Summer ahead.

And September is perfect… 1st September is a Saturday…. 30th September is the Sunday 4ish weeks later…


For  $200 you’ll receive the full month of unlimited access to Prana Space, whilst the expectation is that you will attend a minimum of 5 practices of your choice each week.

Those yogis who successfully complete the challenge of attending 22+ yoga classes throughout the 4 weeks will earn:

$50 discount off a 25 visit pass
$100 discount off a 50 visit pass
$150 discount off a 100 visit pass

All challengers are also eligible to have a $50 discount for our Yoga Youth Elixir Retreat- being held from Friday 21st- Sunday 23rd September. I promise-  you wont be sick of yoga by then!! The food; location; activities will be too good!

Each week we’ll take you through a different aspect of yoga philosophy and practice:

Week 1: Sankalpas- goal & intention setting

Week 2: Mindfulness in motion

Week 3: Pratyahara – Detachment

Week 4: Eliminating ego- surrendering

Email us to book- we need to put the booking in the system for you….


Looking forward to seeing you more often “on the mat”!