Terms, Conditions, Codes of Conduct for a wonderful Yoga Experience

  • Please arrive about 10 minutes before the class. This is so all admin is done and the teacher doesn’t start the class late.
  • Please stay until the very end of the class; spritz your mat down and dry it with a cloth. As much as possible, avoid leaving early.
  • Please register yourself online, and enrol and pay for your classes online as much as possible. This is also a way to eliminate admin issues.
  • You can cancel yourself out of a class at any time before the class. If this isn’t possible, please email us to cancel you out. We cannot refund or replace your class after the class has begun.
  • Please turn your phone off before you come up the stairs of the studio. This is not only so as not to bother your fellow yogis; but also a great way for you to switch off and enjoy the whole session without any stress or distractions.
  • Please respect our pricing policies- and most of all the expiry dates on any pass you purchase. We have very fair expiry dates that cover travels; sickness; “off weeks”. It is up to you to purchase a pass you are comfortable you can complete. If you doubt you can finish off the number of classes within the time frame of the pass, please consider a lower number of classes pass. This will avoid embarassment when  extensions or refunds are demanded.
  • We cannot refund passes. Under circumstances, we can transfer a pass to another student- please send you request in writing and we can review it. There may be charges involved. This is to be determined by case.
  • All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  • Prana Space seems to have become pet dog friendly. If your dog is whimpering or causing disruption to the class, you may be asked to take it home. Otherwise, please make sure you and pooch have left the outside area clean . Please remember, not everyone is a “dog person”… please leave the outdoor area acceptable to people less empathetic to dogs!!

Terms and Conditions for the Auto- Deduct Monthly contract- 

(1) a payment of $185 will be taken from your account on the 1st of every calendar month.

(2) you must be ready to commit for a minimum of 6 full months. After that, with a month’s notice, you can cancel your membership

(3) if you are signing up after the 1st of the month, your first month will be pro-rataed to cover only the part of the month from your first day of attendance.

(4) you are able to put your pass on hold a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 2 weeks within the first 6 months.

(5) please let us know before the 1st of the month when to put your pass on hold that month. If you let us know after the 1st of the month- there will be a $10 admin charge to pro-rata the pay we have taken out.

(6) You are welcome to commit for another 6 months membership after your first 6 months. If you do so- there is no charge for putting passes on hold – for a minimum of one week, and maximum of 2 weeks. if you need to put your pass on hold for more than 2 weeks- a $10 admin charge will be deducted. If you request putting pass on hold after you have had your monthly bill deducted, then there will be a $10 admin charge to pro-rata the pass.

(7) After your 6 month contract is up, if you decide to continue monthly, we will automatically take $185 out of your account on the 1st of the month. We wont ask you month by month. You need to let us know before the end of the month if you are not continuing the following month, otherwise the money is taken out and you are committed to another month of yoga.

(8) If you don’t commit to a further 6 months, yet continue on a monthly deal, there is a $10 fee for putting passes on hold after the 6 month commitment period.

(9) If you need to cancel out of your 6 month contract, there will be a fee to payout… it is 50% of the time remaining on the contract. e.g. – if you have one month left on your contract, you will be charged $92.50 to exit the contract, if you need to exit 2 months before, you will be charged $185. This is going to seem very unfair if you are not able to really commit for the 6 months. If you think this is going to be the case, it’s best you look at our 10 and 25 visit passes. They are valid for 6 months too.

(10) Anybody who commits to the unlimited pass option needs to read these terms and conditions, initial each item and sign at the bottom.


These Ts & Cs are subject to updating.



I understand that Yoga can occasionally cause injury or strain. Prana Space does not accept liability for causing injury. Please practice within your limits and ask the teacher for help when something doesnt feel right.


These conditions morph and change as our studio develops. please refer to the Ts & Cs before asking for any variation to your attendance or membership


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