Hot In the City

Our fave yin teacher- Justine, has just launched her Ayurdvedic consultancy : Triveda.

Here is her advice on balancing the fire element in Summer:

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Yoga- the Youth Elixir… Part 1… Yoga in our 20’s/ 30’s and 40’s

Yoga is undoubtably the best way to stay young forever. A regular, dedicated practice will maintain:

  • toned muscles
  •  supple and agile joints and tendons
  • density in the bones (osteoporosis prevention)
  • prevention of arthritis and pain management
  • stimulation of all the systems in the body
  • plumping of skin via improved circulation.
  • stronger skin, hair, nail, teeth quality.
  • more agility and suppleness in the body leads to a calmer, more relaxed mind.

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Left with Egg on My Face!!


With all the funny afflictions that have happened to my skin during this pregnancy, instead of heading off to skin specialists, beauticians and therapists to treat the conditions, I have just opened up my fridge and, once a week, I indulge in coating my face, hair and body in whatever looks good and slightly over ripe. People keep commenting on a “pregnancy glow”, but I am pretty sure that if it wasn’t for these ecomonical and environment friendly treatments, I would be a bundle of itches, scratches, discolorings and dermal disasters. Here are some that I have tried and tested… and their results.



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Broccoli and Almond Soup

I mentioned to my Naturopath, Tabitha McIntosh from Awaken Your Health, that during this 2nd Pregnancy, I have fallen into what i typically describe as “bad eating habits”… I’m not talking about the squares of chocolate that get absorbed after dinner (I am not ready to deal with this yet); but the habit of being hungry at 5:30 when I feed my 2 year old- so i have a first dinner with her; followed by a later dinner with hubby at the regular time of around 7:30pm… she suggested 2nd dinner could maybe be a soup!! Didn’t think of that… This one is great…

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Raw Cocoa Bliss Balls

Many thanks to our A&P teacher and yogi Alla for bringing me these treats when our little bubbas were born. I have been making them ever since. They’re not only healthy, bringing them along to parties and friends places makes you more popular!! Don’t believe me? Just try.

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Autumn- An ideal time for letting go

We’re having a big family get together at my place in a few weeks so I have made a plan to get my garden back in shape by then. Back to vigilantly watering my herbs daily and flowers twice a week… But not much is saving my chives, basil and sage- which grew abundantly all summer, providing us delightful flavours for our meals. All I have been able to do is sadly cut off the last of my basil leaves and make my last pesto for the season; and cut back the sage and chives to give to neighbours and friends… The pots look a bit bare but I look forward now to seeing what I can plant to get us through the winter months.

As nature dictates, Autumn is about shedding old- letting go to invite in the new. You don’t see trees holding onto leaves they no longer need, do you? It’s a particularly Eastern tradition to value destruction and death as much as creation and life. Destruction leads to new growth and life, that’s even stronger and more resilient than in the lifetime before. The cycle of life and death through time is impermeable.

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Top seven eco-friendly living tips

Our “Green Machine” Eco- Mum- Dini, has some awesome tips on how to go greener at home… As soon as I read it, I went straight home and started doing some little changes to the way we clean/ cook/ grow/ throw/ contain and wrap things!!

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Bendybods Photo Competition.

Yoga Pose Photo Competition for Kids

Dear Bendybods of all ages!

We have a fun photo competition for you to enter!!

Send us a photo of you doing your favorite yoga posture – maybe at home; or at school; at the beach; in the park; randomly in a shopping centre- in fact, the crazier the location, the better!!

Email your photo in by November 30 for a chance to win a copy of “My Daddy is a Pretzel”!! The wonderful book by Baron Baptiste that will inspire the whole family to enjoy yoga together!!

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Lopsided Yoga

Hatha Yoga – means uniting the hot (right) and cool (left) energies in the body. If you’ve perfromed any physical discipline over a period of time, you have probably realised you have  a “good” side and a “bad side”. In yoga, that might mean: having one side that’s more stable when you do standing balances; a preferred leg that you kick up with when you do handstands; one side that’s more flexible; less prone to injury; that you relax deeper in. The physical differences can have repercussions on your posture and muscle tension. They also have profound energetic repercussions.

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Home Made Organic “Nutella”

Whilst I could indulge in most spreads and treats found in health food stores, I rather spend the money on something else and make them myself. My latest craving for Nutella has been more than satisfied with the following mix:

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