Hummus- 3 Ways. Recipes Contributed By Shlomi Almoslimos

Shlomi, our Bendybods coach , keeps surprising us. After mentioning to him how I’ve turned to Israeli food for healthy vegetarian options, he flicks me not one, but 3 delicious takes on the traditional hummus recipe.


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How is yoga over 50 different (from other yoga)

elederlyn yoga

Our classes are gentle in comparison to the dynamic ashtanga / power or yang yoga practices.  Gentle means that we might go a bit slower (have a rest anytime you need to).  When it comes to inverted poses we do the preparation for headstand and shoulder stand instead of the full version.  Due to the higher number of medical conditions in the class we might have more than two variations for a pose – so every student can practice safely on their own level.

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Pumpkin Bliss Balls

Do you know a yoga studio that is not into bliss balls?? Here’s our latest take.

I have Tanya, one of our new tts, to thank for the inspiration behind this recipe. Knowing we were about to embark on a month of “pratyahara” (ie- f0r most of us, quitting chocolate)… she made us these delicious bliss balls. She’s one of those talented people who can whip up anything with what’s available in the fridge and pantry so she had no set recipe… but with a bit of trial and error, i finally have a version to share. Enjoy

Ingredients (but be playful with what you have around the kitchen too)

1/2 cup roast pumpkin
2-3 dates
cup of ground seeds/ nuts (or almond meal… whatever you have- make sure it represents the dry component of the mixture)
teaspoon or 2 of chais style ground spices (think cardamom/ ginger/ star anise/ cinnamon etc)
shredded coconut- some for the mixture/ some for rolling the balls

Blend all ingredients… make balls…. roll in coconut…. refridgerate….

Voila !!



Vegan Kale Pesto

Just when you thought you were sick of kale!!

I tried something quite similar to this at About Life and thought… “ive got to be able to make this at home”… I’m still tweaking the ingredients to find those vegan edibles that give the pesto “bite” (e.g. lemon juice/ zest/ garlic)… but I have enjoyed the first batch so much, I’m ready to share this recipe with you…


Bunch of Kale
Cupe of activated walnuts or cashews (cashews give that creamy sensation more than the other nuts do)- or a blend of both
loads of lemon juice – rind of  one lemon
chopped up garlic (i fried mine up a bit some bitterness out)
Olive oil

steam the kale for about 10 mins… when wilted, process with the rest of the ingredients. just keep adding lemon to taste, or oil/ water for creamier consistency…

Because it’s organic and fresh from garden to table (via the fridge), it will only last a week. Just add a little oil to the jar each time you open it… and maybe squeeze a little more lemon..shake the jar around then serve.

serve with: pasta; steamed or baked vegies; boiled rice… or on top of your proteins etc…

Makes – loads.

my husband adds 1/3 cup of parmesan, then it’s suitable for his less conscious palate!!





Cool the Fire Element down to Ease Anxiety & Shoulder Pain

My diligent and newly graduated TT,  Teresa Cajes, and I have been  exploring the summer meridians (small intestines; heart; triple heater; pericardium) over the last few weeks when giving our deep relaxation classes. As I researched into what these meridians cover and what happens when there is too much energy in the meridian (jitsu) or not enough (kyo), i started to clearly see that the root energetic causes of the pangs of pain, stiffness and strain in my shoulders plus the sensations of overexcitement that borders on anxiety are part and parcel of overexpanding summer energy.

If you’ve been to our deep relaxation classes over the last 3 weeks, our postures and discourse has specifically centred around how to ease the overexpanding fire and air elements at this time of year… if not… can i recommend the following yin practice?

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Jenna’s Tahini- Tamari Salad Dressing

During my Dharma Yoga Teacher training, one of my fellow yogis, Jenna Pacelli, gave me a wonderful “satvic” salad dressing recipe. Enjoy on your Superfoods Salad.

Shake up:

1 tablespoon of unhulled tahini

splash of tamari (we were using Braggs- if you can find it)

olive oil



Thanks Jenna:

Chickpea and Cashewnut burger

Not at all satvic- with the flour, onions and garlic to taste, but a family favorite.

serves 4.


small brown onion
1 garlic clove
1 small sweet potato-  (maybe around 120 grammes)- i normally bake sweet potatoes for the kids, so use a pre-baked one.
1/2 cup cashews- ground
cup of chickpeas- soaked overnight then boiled to soften
1/2 cup of oats
wholegrain bread crumbs (of one slice of bread)
couple of tablespoons of flour of choice (wholemeal/ spelt/ corn etc)

fry onions, garlic then add sweet potato. When softened and cooked, blend with the softened chickpeas, cashews; oats; breadcrumbs and flour.

From here it’s quite easy to make burger patties. Flatten them out so they are about 1.5 cms thick

Fry the patties in a grill pan with a little oil

Pop in your bread bun of choice, or eat alone, with salad garnishes as you wish.


(Sometimes, if i have extra veges in the fridge that need to be eaten, then i cook them up and throw them in the blend!).

Don’t think About Going Vegan Without the Following Recipes

If somebody told me 3 months ago that i would be able to maintain a vegan diet without animal-product cravings, I would never have believed them. If it wasn’t for the following series of wholistic and organic recipes, I would never have made it. Now i have a handful of options that have seamlessly replaced my old way of eating:

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Superfoods Salad

The inspiration for this salad comes from Chargrill Chicken, up the road from my yoga studio. The delicious salad dressing comes from my fellow Dharma Yogi Jenna Pacelli, who is on the same vegan journey as I am on.

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