Hot In the City

Our fave yin teacher- Justine, has just launched her Ayurdvedic consultancy : Triveda.

Here is her advice on balancing the fire element in Summer:

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Left with Egg on My Face!!


With all the funny afflictions that have happened to my skin during this pregnancy, instead of heading off to skin specialists, beauticians and therapists to treat the conditions, I have just opened up my fridge and, once a week, I indulge in coating my face, hair and body in whatever looks good and slightly over ripe. People keep commenting on a “pregnancy glow”, but I am pretty sure that if it wasn’t for these ecomonical and environment friendly treatments, I would be a bundle of itches, scratches, discolorings and dermal disasters. Here are some that I have tried and tested… and their results.



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Broccoli and Almond Soup

I mentioned to my Naturopath, Tabitha McIntosh from Awaken Your Health, that during this 2nd Pregnancy, I have fallen into what i typically describe as “bad eating habits”… I’m not talking about the squares of chocolate that get absorbed after dinner (I am not ready to deal with this yet); but the habit of being hungry at 5:30 when I feed my 2 year old- so i have a first dinner with her; followed by a later dinner with hubby at the regular time of around 7:30pm… she suggested 2nd dinner could maybe be a soup!! Didn’t think of that… This one is great…

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Raw Cocoa Bliss Balls

Many thanks to our A&P teacher and yogi Alla for bringing me these treats when our little bubbas were born. I have been making them ever since. They’re not only healthy, bringing them along to parties and friends places makes you more popular!! Don’t believe me? Just try.

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Home Made Organic “Nutella”

Whilst I could indulge in most spreads and treats found in health food stores, I rather spend the money on something else and make them myself. My latest craving for Nutella has been more than satisfied with the following mix:

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Detox Recipe- Home made detox- friendly, very yummy Muesli

When we do our annual detoxes, we always email around some healthy recipe ideas. Here’s one from Naomi.

My sugar free muesli

It takes awhile, but mostly not with you in the kitchen, particularly if you have a dehydrator or an oven with a timer & is very much worth the trouble. Inspired by Sarah Wilson’s recipe for ‘coco-nutty museli’ on her blog)

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Healthy Oat & Apricot Breakfast Slice

I am a sucker for muesli cookies at cafes… they seem so healthy, yet deep inside I know they’re just a cake in the guise of a “health slice”. I have been cooking this oat slice for past few months which is equally as tasty, totally healthy … even fussy Mademoiselle 14 months, who refuses everything i cook for her, loves it. She eats it so neatly, making sure any crumbs go straight back in her mouth.

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Dini’s Raw Cake Recipe Number 1

Because I’m a sweet tooth myself – and whilst the winter nights are still long – I have to start of this series with one of my favourite treats…

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India Fever!!- Paneer Recipe

Just thinking about our  India Trip in July is making me excited about the food. I can’t go to India, or even an Indian Restaurant without ordering Palak Paneer- the divine curd like cheese served in a creamy spinach sauce.

I have searched local Indian delis for paneer and am always told it “just sold out”- or what i have bought has never been as delicious as what we get in certain restaurants, or what’s served everywhere in India.

Our yoga/ ayurveda fanatic wondermum Justine has shared her paneer recipe with me- so I suppose that means she’s shared it with us!! … Justine’s just the kind of Mum who cooks everything from scratch- stocks, stews … and of course she strains her own curds and indian specialty cheeses… So here goes:

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The reluctant vegetarian!!- Lentil Stew.

When i commenced my yoga journey in my early twenties (in the late nineties!!) I chose the vegetarian path. Not a healthy vegetarian path as I basically eliminated meat from my diet without learning about suitable protein and iron sources, but I was conscious of our connection to nature and wanted to do my bit to respect animals. By the time I was 28, I was quite chubby, doing loads of yoga (so quite healthy), but constantly craving foods like chocolate, icecream, cheese and nuts. Pre-menstrual days were a total nightmare, I felt so lacklustre… all I wanted to do was swim in a box of chocolates.

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