How is yoga over 50 different (from other yoga)

elederlyn yoga

Our classes are gentle in comparison to the dynamic ashtanga / power or yang yoga practices.  Gentle means that we might go a bit slower (have a rest anytime you need to).  When it comes to inverted poses we do the preparation for headstand and shoulder stand instead of the full version.  Due to the higher number of medical conditions in the class we might have more than two variations for a pose – so every student can practice safely on their own level.

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Don’t think About Going Vegan Without the Following Recipes

If somebody told me 3 months ago that i would be able to maintain a vegan diet without animal-product cravings, I would never have believed them. If it wasn’t for the following series of wholistic and organic recipes, I would never have made it. Now i have a handful of options that have seamlessly replaced my old way of eating:

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Satvic Breakfast Smoothie

If I’d only known that eating “Satvic” could be so delicious, I would have done this years ago.

Since I wake up so early, I am enjoying this Superfood Breakfast/ icecream/ smoothie before I go teach my 3 hour October Long weekend Dharma Workshop.

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Reincarnation and our Mobile Phones

During the teacher training I recently attended, Dharma Mitra gave many profound talks on the mind, soul, body, life. I really loved his analogy of the mobile phone when trying to grasp the concept of reincarnation.

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The Inner Guru Part 1- A lesson in forgiveness


I had a big lesson in forgiveness this month.  From my 3 year old no less! It’s easy for her. She can be upset with someone for a minute- but if she wants something from that person a bit later, she is all adorable smiles and forgivable kisses. Not so easy for us big kids.

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Ayurvedic Cures for Our Common Ailments

I’d been hearing about that “stomach bug” for years and was thankful that our family hadn’t experienced it. Then last weekend, whilst I’ll spare you the gory details, my 3 year old contracted the bug from something she had eaten, picked up or caught… I remembered Justine had a simple pureed apple and spices recipe that she used for her family. Not only did it settle Sureya’s tummy bug, but it was so delicious, we’ve been adding it to our morning porridge ever since. This inspired me to ask both our Ayurvedic specialists- Daphne Ravey and Justine Rintoul, to help us with a few cures for common ailments.  

Yin Yoga- A message from Justine Rintoul- our deep relaxation teacher

It took me 3 classes to actually enjoy Yin Yoga! My yoga teacher Amanda Fuzes introduced me to Yin, the first two classes were excruciating, I was restless and impatient and wanted to run away. I didn’t, and after almost two years practicing and teaching this incredible philosophy and practice I have noticed some profound effects.

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The Monkey Mind

On my journey as a yoga teacher, I find the study of the mind and its afflictions fascinating. As those who’ve practiced meditation or joined us in the deep relaxation/ yin class know, to sit with ourselves calmly, with still mind, and in the complete present moment, is the hardest thing to do. So what makes our mind chatter so incessantly? Hatha yogis commonly make the analogy that our mind is like a Monkey- always jumping around. In yoga we try to train the monkey to sit still. Yes- an impossible task. So what are the obstacles towards a completely still mind? I am experiencing them all first hand as I try to complete this article!… You may relate to a few too.

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Hot In the City

Our fave yin teacher- Justine, has just launched her Ayurdvedic consultancy : Triveda.

Here is her advice on balancing the fire element in Summer:

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Yoga- the Youth Elixir… Part 1… Yoga in our 20’s/ 30’s and 40’s

Yoga is undoubtably the best way to stay young forever. A regular, dedicated practice will maintain:

  • toned muscles
  •  supple and agile joints and tendons
  • density in the bones (osteoporosis prevention)
  • prevention of arthritis and pain management
  • stimulation of all the systems in the body
  • plumping of skin via improved circulation.
  • stronger skin, hair, nail, teeth quality.
  • more agility and suppleness in the body leads to a calmer, more relaxed mind.

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