Ayurvedic Cures for Our Common Ailments

I’d been hearing about that “stomach bug” for years and was thankful that our family hadn’t experienced it. Then last weekend, whilst I’ll spare you the gory details, my 3 year old contracted the bug from something she had eaten, picked up or caught… I remembered Justine had a simple pureed apple and spices recipe that she used for her family. Not only did it settle Sureya’s tummy bug, but it was so delicious, we’ve been adding it to our morning porridge ever since. This inspired me to ask both our Ayurvedic specialists- Daphne Ravey and Justine Rintoul, to help us with a few cures for common ailments.  

Hot In the City

Our fave yin teacher- Justine, has just launched her Ayurdvedic consultancy : Triveda.

Here is her advice on balancing the fire element in Summer:

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Ayurvedic Tips for Winter

Winter is kapha season!!

Our kapha element keeps us grounded, stable, strong, reliable, punctual, literal. Our joints stay lubricated and supple. Kapha helps us concentrate, meditate, stay unflustered. In a vata city like Sydney, where everything and everyone is stressing, on the go and in a rush from 6am onwards, there is need for more kapha element as a balance. Particularly at our school (possible mainly in my classes) I see students racing in; finishing their phone conversations; chatting to their fellow students at the same time; telling their teacher their numerous injuries; finding it hard to settle on to their mat… On those days, I know we need to start the class with a good 20 minutes of grounding and stabilising, before we can get to the core part of the class.

In imbalance, as can usually be experienced in the winter season, kapha can make us feel laziness, fatigue, dullness, slowness, negativity, depression, attachments to material possessions and weight gain. (is that why a few of you have missed your evening vinyasa classes??)

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Dosha for Autumn- Vata

Ayurveda studies our constitutions. In Ayurvedic terms, our specific constitution is our “prakrti” or our nature. Just as nature in the wild is comprised of the elements of water, earth, fire, air.. our own “prakrti” is a composition of kapha (earth/ water element); pitta (fire/water element); vata (air). We all have varying balances of these three elements. Our body type (thin/ fat/ tall/ small/ muscular etc) gives hints to which dosha dominates in our body- but we can be a mix- so don’t go just by body type alone. Various illnesses, ailments, issues with various systems may indicate “dosha imbalance” and this is what the science of Ayurveda predominantly deals with.
Over the next few months, we will cover the various doshas. So while we are heading into Autumn and the cooler months, we should cover Vata.