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Dosha for Autumn- Vata

Ayurveda studies our constitutions. In Ayurvedic terms, our specific constitution is our “prakrti” or our nature. Just as nature in the wild is comprised of the elements of water, earth, fire, air.. our own “prakrti” is a composition of kapha (earth/ water element); pitta (fire/water element); vata (air). We all have varying balances of these […]

Quinoa Patties

My Mum’s Gluten Intolerant, and I love the idea that quinoa is a complete protein so one of the most ideal vegetarian alternatives to meat. But, as our good friend Clare Obeid, who compiles a must-read health blog called the Saha Space agrees, coming up with ideas to make quinoa taste interesting is a challenge.

Ajna – the third eye…

The indigo 2 petal lotus represents the energy centre in our third eye centre. The “third eye” is located at our temple between our two eyes…. It is out seat of intuition, open-mindedness, creativity, positivity. The level of energy in we channel to this vortex inspires our thoughts, mind, creativity, reasoning, imagination.

Summer Chicken Salad

What you need: organic chicken either breast or thigh/ cut into pieces water for steaming capsicums- cut into strips heirloom tomatoes (or from own vege patch if season is right and we have enough) mixed lettuce avocado cucumber optional: chickpeas/ lentils/ some kind of beans

Visshudha – throat chakra

When i first started studying the chakra system, it surprised me that voice and communication could be one of the 7 vital energy centres in the body. Was the art of conversation and listening as important as unconditional love? self esteem? grounding? reasoning? As someone who never had an issue getting their message across, I […]

Anahata- love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness

“Love makes the world go round” (Madonna) “All we need is love” (Beatles) “Love is the 7th wave” (Sting) These may be lines from popular songs- but Paul, John, George, Ringo, Gordon and Madge all had a very good point. A point that was made by the Ancient Rishis as they divulged the secrets to […]

Manipura Chakra Seat of Fire / Vitality / Control

Manipura is the “lustrous gem”, your seat of fire. It is the 3rd chakra (from base of spine upwards) and is located around the solar plexus/ diaphragm area. It is our fire element, yellow in vibrancy, it controls our digestive fire (appetite/ digestion/ metabolism) and also our sense of self- ie self control/ will/ esteem/ […]

Swadistana: Your feelings / desires

Swadistana means “sweetness”. The element is water. It is fluid, governs movement, emotions, urges, sexuality. It is located between the navel and genitals. Accordingly, the glands and organs that correspond to this chakra are those that govern sex and reproduction. The colour red resonates with this chakra, as does the mantra Vam

Chakra tests and analyses

Chakra means wheel or disc. In yogic physiology, chakra also refers to energy centres. Whilst there are various chakra points located all over the body, we normally refer to the 7 situated along the shushumna (energetic equivalent of the spinal cord). Each newsletter over the next year, i will discuss a different chakra- you can […]