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Broccoli and Almond Soup

I mentioned to my Naturopath, Tabitha McIntosh from Awaken Your Health, that during this 2nd Pregnancy, I have fallen into what i typically describe as “bad eating habits”… I’m not talking about the squares of chocolate that get absorbed after dinner (I am not ready to deal with this yet); but the habit of being […]

Raw Cocoa Bliss Balls

Many thanks to our A&P teacher and yogi Alla for bringing me these treats when our little bubbas were born. I have been making them ever since. They’re not only healthy, bringing them along to parties and friends places makes you more popular!! Don’t believe me? Just try.

Top seven eco-friendly living tips

Our “Green Machine” Eco- Mum- Dini, has some awesome tips on how to go greener at home… As soon as I read it, I went straight home and started doing some little changes to the way we clean/ cook/ grow/ throw/ contain and wrap things!!

Bendybods Photo Competition.

Yoga Pose Photo Competition for Kids Dear Bendybods of all ages! We have a fun photo competition for you to enter!! Send us a photo of you doing your favorite yoga posture – maybe at home; or at school; at the beach; in the park; randomly in a shopping centre- in fact, the crazier the […]

Lopsided Yoga

Hatha Yoga – means uniting the hot (right) and cool (left) energies in the body. If you’ve perfromed any physical discipline over a period of time, you have probably realised you have  a “good” side and a “bad side”. In yoga, that might mean: having one side that’s more stable when you do standing balances; […]

Home Made Organic “Nutella”

Whilst I could indulge in most spreads and treats found in health food stores, I rather spend the money on something else and make them myself. My latest craving for Nutella has been more than satisfied with the following mix:

Detox Recipe- Home made detox- friendly, very yummy Muesli

When we do our annual detoxes, we always email around some healthy recipe ideas. Here’s one from Naomi. My sugar free muesli It takes awhile, but mostly not with you in the kitchen, particularly if you have a dehydrator or an oven with a timer & is very much worth the trouble. Inspired by Sarah […]

Yoga Tour, India- 2012

We’re back from our first adventure through the Himalayas. From Dharamsala via the himalayas Hill Stations, through to the Holy Ganges and Rishikesh, we were inspired by local yogis, divine scenery, incredibly profound cultural values, and yummy food!!.

Yoga Aid 2012

On Sunday September 9th- 700 yogis descended upon the Sydney Domain to start a charity “wave”- a yoga challenge that would continue onto 27 countries, and would be participated in by 12000 people. It started in Sydney… and was to end in LA_ probably just as I am writing this blog. This is Yoga Aid… […]