Vegan Kale Pesto

Just when you thought you were sick of kale!!

I tried something quite similar to this at About Life and thought… “ive got to be able to make this at home”… I’m still tweaking the ingredients to find those vegan edibles that give the pesto “bite” (e.g. lemon juice/ zest/ garlic)… but I have enjoyed the first batch so much, I’m ready to share this recipe with you…


Bunch of Kale
Cupe of activated walnuts or cashews (cashews give that creamy sensation more than the other nuts do)- or a blend of both
loads of lemon juice – rind of  one lemon
chopped up garlic (i fried mine up a bit some bitterness out)
Olive oil

steam the kale for about 10 mins… when wilted, process with the rest of the ingredients. just keep adding lemon to taste, or oil/ water for creamier consistency…

Because it’s organic and fresh from garden to table (via the fridge), it will only last a week. Just add a little oil to the jar each time you open it… and maybe squeeze a little more lemon..shake the jar around then serve.

serve with: pasta; steamed or baked vegies; boiled rice… or on top of your proteins etc…

Makes – loads.

my husband adds 1/3 cup of parmesan, then it’s suitable for his less conscious palate!!