Cool the Fire Element down to Ease Anxiety & Shoulder Pain

My diligent and newly graduated TT,  Teresa Cajes, and I have been  exploring the summer meridians (small intestines; heart; triple heater; pericardium) over the last few weeks when giving our deep relaxation classes. As I researched into what these meridians cover and what happens when there is too much energy in the meridian (jitsu) or not enough (kyo), i started to clearly see that the root energetic causes of the pangs of pain, stiffness and strain in my shoulders plus the sensations of overexcitement that borders on anxiety are part and parcel of overexpanding summer energy.

If you’ve been to our deep relaxation classes over the last 3 weeks, our postures and discourse has specifically centred around how to ease the overexpanding fire and air elements at this time of year… if not… can i recommend the following yin practice?

In summer, the energy is fully expanded. When this expanded energy is in balance, we feel joy and a sense of connection with everything and everyone in the universe. We understand that our actions have repercussions, and that we can be responsible for joy around us.. When people are happy around us, the cycle continues- we feel happy ourselves. The expression “our hearts are filled with joy” is relevant when all is going well.

What happens if the energy gets stuck in the heart area: emotions of anxiety and disconnection prevail; in addition to the physical sensations of chest pains; shoulder strain, heart burn.

The following practice builds a little bit of fire, however, it will focus predominantly on the aspects of cooling the fire element down. SO this is a great practice for those feeling anxious, disconnection and shoulder strain.

twisted frog. 4-6 mins on each sideFeeling a niggle on the inside edge of your shoulder blades?And around the shoulder joint?The summer meridians intersect around the
shoulder so this twist manages to massage into the
affected areas.
Seal (easier version is sphinx with forearms on ground or on a bolster)
This is a bit of a heat generator but also opens the heart . Opening area in
upper back releases shoulder tension
lateral dragonfly; great counterpose for the previous back archopens areas of the heart meridian
   quarter dog… shoulders, shoulders, shoulders
   this is a great pose to calm the whole nervous system down. it’s great for
quelling anxiety and emotional stress. I sometimes try to stay here for
6+ minutes.
   Snail- This pose has everything you need for summer – the cooling aspect
the strong forward bending; the deep relaxation into the shoulders. I can stay
in this pose forever.Please note- if its the only pose you do- make sure your neck, shoulders and
back are sufficiently warmed up
   After the deep forward bends, enjoy the final twist.