Cool the Fire Element down to Ease Anxiety & Shoulder Pain

My diligent and newly graduated TT,  Teresa Cajes, and I have been  exploring the summer meridians (small intestines; heart; triple heater; pericardium) over the last few weeks when giving our deep relaxation classes. As I researched into what these meridians cover and what happens when there is too much energy in the meridian (jitsu) or not enough (kyo), i started to clearly see that the root energetic causes of the pangs of pain, stiffness and strain in my shoulders plus the sensations of overexcitement that borders on anxiety are part and parcel of overexpanding summer energy.

If you’ve been to our deep relaxation classes over the last 3 weeks, our postures and discourse has specifically centred around how to ease the overexpanding fire and air elements at this time of year… if not… can i recommend the following yin practice?

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