Superfoods Salad

The inspiration for this salad comes from Chargrill Chicken, up the road from my yoga studio. The delicious salad dressing comes from my fellow Dharma Yogi Jenna Pacelli, who is on the same vegan journey as I am on.

Ingredients/ Method

chickpeas – soaked overnight- then boiled further for softness.
quinoa- boiled (I use a mix of Andean Grains packaged by my buddy Camilla, who distributes the highest quality organic products. (
Kale (See Kale chip recipe – and leave the chips for about 20 minutes so the crispness has gone)
shallots/ parsley/ a few herbs of choice
cherry/ heirloom tomatoes- cut  in half
nuts/ seeds of choice – almonds; pine nuts; sesame seed; etc…


Dressing: Thanks to Jenna Pacelli

shakeup a mixture of tahini; Braggs (Tamari ok); olive oil; and lemon…