Kale chips

I scoff the lot as soon as it’s out of the oven!!



Bunch of Kale leaves
Olive oil (coconut oil; alternative oils are fine)

Go Crazy:

Add: shredded coconut; almonds; maples syrup (in the dressing) whatever you’re imagination allows.



Preheat over to 150 degrees

Cut the Kale leaves from the stems and spread over a baking dish. Add the extras e,g, nuts; seeds; etc.
Season with tamari/ lemon/ oil/ maple syrup, whatever you like.. add some spices

Bake for 15 degrees.

It’s a fine line between when they go crispy, and when they are flaccid. The crispiness stays momentarily, so, as I do, scofff them down straight out of the oven. If you don’t – you end up with a wonderful Kale salad…

So, win win!!