Reincarnation and our Mobile Phones

During the teacher training I recently attended, Dharma Mitra gave many profound talks on the mind, soul, body, life. I really loved his analogy of the mobile phone when trying to grasp the concept of reincarnation.

In it’s most basic form, Our body is to our soul as the mobile phone is to the satellite signal- just a transportation vessel! Ie- there is no ability to phone, tell time, use internet, apps, facebook, insta, read the news etc etc if there isn’t the universal satellite signal. Just like our body isn’t able to talk, walk, love, eat, drink, cry  without our universal soul. Our bodies, just like our current mobile phone, is just the transporter of the signal.

Think about your first phone. It wasn’t very evolved, was it? It pretty much just told the time and made/ received phone calls. It ran out half way through the day, dropped out of range, and eventually broke down. Lucky we were in line for the next gen of phones. There was texting, a crude type of camera; maybe an alarm. When that battery died and everything went to pot, we were in line for another phone. This one had a very small computer in it- so we could use predictive texting; make funny smiley faces and play some games; then of course came your iphone; … with very expensive internet service; then it became more affordable; then came apps; and social media.. I think you get the picture.

And don’t you love those days when you leave your phone at home? Nobody can contact you; you don’t feel inadequate because someone is looking better than you, having more fun or eating cleaner food than you are on instagram; that stillness of mind that comes without the distractions of the complexity that is the signal that feeds the mobile phone is sublime.

Just like the incarnations of our phone, we ideally migrate to more evolved states of body and mind. We may start very unrealised, as a preyed on animal or in as a child brought up in a warzone; next life we may be materialistic or sinful in some way yet realise that no pleasure is derived from our afflictions; slowly we evolve spiritually- perhaps take up yoga or buddhism in one life; then dedicate our next life to charity etc… then we reach samadhi- simplicity and stillness.