Autumn- An ideal time for letting go

We’re having a big family get together at my place in a few weeks so I have made a plan to get my garden back in shape by then. Back to vigilantly watering my herbs daily and flowers twice a week… But not much is saving my chives, basil and sage- which grew abundantly all summer, providing us delightful flavours for our meals. All I have been able to do is sadly cut off the last of my basil leaves and make my last pesto for the season; and cut back the sage and chives to give to neighbours and friends… The pots look a bit bare but I look forward now to seeing what I can plant to get us through the winter months.

As nature dictates, Autumn is about shedding old- letting go to invite in the new. You don’t see trees holding onto leaves they no longer need, do you? It’s a particularly Eastern tradition to value destruction and death as much as creation and life. Destruction leads to new growth and life, that’s even stronger and more resilient than in the lifetime before. The cycle of life and death through time is impermeable.

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