Home Made Organic “Nutella”

Whilst I could indulge in most spreads and treats found in health food stores, I rather spend the money on something else and make them myself. My latest craving for Nutella has been more than satisfied with the following mix:

  • Cup of your favourite nuts, ideally soaked – soft nuts (eg cashews, walnuts) a few hours, harder nuts (eg hazelnuts, almonds) over night
  • Half a cup of organic Coconut Oil
  • Big table spoon of raw organic cacao powder
  • Maple Syrup, honey or your preferred natural sweetener

Depending on your taste buds, blend to smooth or crunchy consistency. Enjoy on a fresh piece of Rye, some gluten free pancakes (recipe to come soon!) or simply on a heaped tea-spoon;-).

The quick health spiel: Cacao is an incredibly rich source of minerals and antioxidants (but enjoy it in moderation as it also contains a powerful stimulant and can inhibit calcium absorption).  Nuts, we all know by now, are excellent for the brain and simply taste yummy. Coconut oil does contain saturated fat, but it comes in the form of medium-chain triglycerides. This type of fat differs from the types of fat we normally consume from plant and animal sources. It is easily digested, absorbed, and utilized in the body which means it require less energy and fewer enzymes to break it down for digestion. It is an excellent choice of fat for active people and athletes as well as for those who suffer from digestive disorders. And the sweet stuff – it’s all about staying away from the bad guy, processed sugar, for a zillion reasons too long to list for this paragraph. Do your own research!

Lastly, why not try my favourite spring time, refreshing immune system booster with this treat: Fill a jar with purified water, a few slices of organic lemon and ginger, place it on the table and count the litres you can drink every day.