Bendybods Photo Competition.

Yoga Pose Photo Competition for Kids

Dear Bendybods of all ages!

We have a fun photo competition for you to enter!!

Send us a photo of you doing your favorite yoga posture – maybe at home; or at school; at the beach; in the park; randomly in a shopping centre- in fact, the crazier the location, the better!!

Email your photo in by November 30 for a chance to win a copy of “My Daddy is a Pretzel”!! The wonderful book by Baron Baptiste that will inspire the whole family to enjoy yoga together!!

Prizes will be given to following age groups: under 3; 4-7; 8-11; 12-17 …

What You Need to Do:

Email your photo/s to [email protected]

Don’t forget to mention: your name; your age; the name of your posture and why you love it : where you are!!

Deadline: Friday  14th December.

They will be published on our website and on facebook!!

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Let's Bend It Like Molly!

Yoginis meditating

Ava doing the candlestick

Kids, if you keep practising- you'll never lose that beautiful suppleness.