Bendybods Photo Competition.

Yoga Pose Photo Competition for Kids

Dear Bendybods of all ages!

We have a fun photo competition for you to enter!!

Send us a photo of you doing your favorite yoga posture – maybe at home; or at school; at the beach; in the park; randomly in a shopping centre- in fact, the crazier the location, the better!!

Email your photo in by November 30 for a chance to win a copy of “My Daddy is a Pretzel”!! The wonderful book by Baron Baptiste that will inspire the whole family to enjoy yoga together!!

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Lopsided Yoga

Hatha Yoga – means uniting the hot (right) and cool (left) energies in the body. If you’ve perfromed any physical discipline over a period of time, you have probably realised you have  a “good” side and a “bad side”. In yoga, that might mean: having one side that’s more stable when you do standing balances; a preferred leg that you kick up with when you do handstands; one side that’s more flexible; less prone to injury; that you relax deeper in. The physical differences can have repercussions on your posture and muscle tension. They also have profound energetic repercussions.

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Home Made Organic “Nutella”

Whilst I could indulge in most spreads and treats found in health food stores, I rather spend the money on something else and make them myself. My latest craving for Nutella has been more than satisfied with the following mix:

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Detox Recipe- Home made detox- friendly, very yummy Muesli

When we do our annual detoxes, we always email around some healthy recipe ideas. Here’s one from Naomi.

My sugar free muesli

It takes awhile, but mostly not with you in the kitchen, particularly if you have a dehydrator or an oven with a timer & is very much worth the trouble. Inspired by Sarah Wilson’s recipe for ‘coco-nutty museli’ on her blog)

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