Prana Space is loving…. Kids Giving Back

Our very dear Saturday morning regular, Ruth Tofler-Riesel has started up such an exciting kids charity organisation that I am really proud to endorse it on our pages. Her programme is called Kids Giving Back. Here’s how she describes it.

What do you do when you want to volunteer with your 9 year old and you keep getting knocked back because “we don’t take kids”? You create an organisation that will do exactly what you’re looking for. Ruth Tofler-Riesel (one of our regulars at Prana Space) is a co-director of Kids Giving Back, a recently formed non-profit founded by Ruth and her friend Carole Schlessinger. Their long-running quest to find volunteer opportunities for their own children led them to create an organisation that could offer this opportunity to all children and their families. Kids Giving Back provides kids, families, schools and corporations with volunteering experiences locally, nationally, and internationally.


Kids Giving Back programs link families, schools and individuals with non-profit organisations where they can volunteer – these include the Asylum Seekers Centre, aged care homes, Special Olympics, refugee communities, and bush regeneration with local council programs. They have also created their own program Cook for Good in which 14 kids and an equal number of parents cook up a storm for around 3 hours and then deliver meals to homeless shelters as well as individuals in need. At the most recent Cook for Good the kids made 250 delicious two-course meals that were greatly appreciated by all recipients.


As Ruth explains: “Our mission is to instill in children and their family unit the beauty of giving to others, not just of material things but of time through real life experiences. We believe that when kids volunteer, we are developing our next generation of leaders and creating a culture of generosity and civic responsibility”.


Kids Giving Back also has volunteering partnerships with organisations in Thailand and Bali, as well as with indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.


If you want your kids or your school to get involved drop an email to [email protected] and check out their website