Ow- Shoulder Pain!!

A Sequence to Ease Winter Shoulder Pain

By the way- welcome to our brand new, well needed, blog category- Posture Sequencing. I get the feeling i am going to have to perfect the image attachments… so enjoy our first yoga therapy sequence blog post with images very poorly placed on the page!!

I have been hearing many of you complaining about shoulder pain. I am in sympathy, as carrying around a little 10 kilo (and growing) child has caused great grief to my shoulders. Tension can get so great some times that it results in a thumping headache… Here’s a sequence of poses I do regularly to ease the strain, and keep tension headaches at bay….

If at all possible, try to set a timer so you can stay at least 5-6 minutes in postures which work both sides of the body, or 3-4 minutes on postures that work one side of the body at a time. I like setting the timer, because somewhere, half- way through the stretches when most of the tension has disipated, it’s so nice to lose yourself and not have to worry about when to get out of the pose.

Let’s start with Ananda Shoshasana- the happy puppy pose. – up to 5-6 minutes.

This is the full posture… with chin and
chest on the floor
If shoulders are tight in this posture,
place forehead  on ground  or on a
blanket or elevation.

Gomukasana- cow-faced pose. (or with Garudasana arms) (2-3 minutes each side)

The top left pose is gomukasana- cow
faced posture.  It is quite challenging on
the bicep and deltoid muscles.
If you struggle to reach your fingers,
use a belt, or opt for Garudasana arms
(top right)… once you’ve found the
version you’re comfortable with, fold over
your crossed legs.

Karnipidasana (ear pain/pressure pose) or snail. (between 5-10 minutes)

This divine posture relieves all nervous
tension  through the neck, massages
thyroid gland, improves circulation (better skin!!);
great for anxiety, stress, insomnia, IBS (gas/ wind
If you find it painful to get your legs down
behind you, flop your legs over a chair or place feet
into the wall. As your neck warms more into the pose,
you could bring your shins down onto a bolster, then
eventually close to the floor. Enjoy.