Bindu- the 8th Chakra

If you’ve been following our chakra series over the last 7 newsletters, you will have read alot about opening the 7 chakras to reach enlightenment. Less is discussed about the 8th chakra– Bindu.

Bindu means point or drop and is the original point of creation of the whole body. At a universal level, entire existence manifests from bindu, and at dissolution– will return to bindu. Bindu harbours our vitality, zest for life, “inner child”, youthful zeal (and appearance if it’s protected appropriately).

In individuals, bindu is located at the top of the back of the head (where hari krishnas wear their little ponytail).

Our life nectar, amrita, is stored at Bindu. It’s natural role is to dissipate, drop down to manipura and be transformed into sperm or ova. The dissipation of amrita is also the reason why we get old! Why hair loses colours, skin loses moisture and starts to wrinkle, why bodies and minds age.

Whilst in the modern world a multi-billion dollar industry has been built around “rewinding the clock” so to speak in terms of appearance and physique, various yoga techniques and practices offer the same results. The byproduct of a disciplined tantric practice (asana, pranayam, mudra, bandha, mantra, meditation) is youthful appearange and strong, resilient bodies and minds. These features are required to enable the yogis to achieve the grace of enlightenment.

The most important practice is pranayama: Antar Kumbhaka this is the breath retention on the inhalation. When we hold the breath on the inhale, amrita is held at bindu. With each exhalation, it descends. To put it poignantly, we age/ grow older with each exhalation.

In terms of mudras and bandhas (gestures and psychic locks)- the practice of vipareeta karani (looks exactly like 1/2 shoulder stand)- protects the bindu as well. Tantric yogis claim that if we practice vipareeta karani for 3 hours a day, our grey hairs will return to their original colour; wrinkles will smoothe back over and our internal organs will be that youthful again. I have never met anyone who has been able to prove it.

Khechari  Mudra- the practice of rolling the tongue back to the soft palate, also locks bindu. There are various pranayama, mudra and bandha combinations that are integral to preserving bindu and amrita… we cover them in our deep relaxation classes, and our weekend / Monday workshops.

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We have finally come to the end of our chakra series. Stay tuned for more discussions on yogic physiology… over the next months, we will discuss the mind, intelligence and ego- heavy stuff..