Ow- Shoulder Pain!!

A Sequence to Ease Winter Shoulder Pain

By the way- welcome to our brand new, well needed, blog category- Posture Sequencing. I get the feeling i am going to have to perfect the image attachments… so enjoy our first yoga therapy sequence blog post with images very poorly placed on the page!!

I have been hearing many of you complaining about shoulder pain. I am in sympathy, as carrying around a little 10 kilo (and growing) child has caused great grief to my shoulders. Tension can get so great some times that it results in a thumping headache… Here’s a sequence of poses I do regularly to ease the strain, and keep tension headaches at bay….

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Ayurvedic Tips for Winter

Winter is kapha season!!

Our kapha element keeps us grounded, stable, strong, reliable, punctual, literal. Our joints stay lubricated and supple. Kapha helps us concentrate, meditate, stay unflustered. In a vata city like Sydney, where everything and everyone is stressing, on the go and in a rush from 6am onwards, there is need for more kapha element as a balance. Particularly at our school (possible mainly in my classes) I see students racing in; finishing their phone conversations; chatting to their fellow students at the same time; telling their teacher their numerous injuries; finding it hard to settle on to their mat… On those days, I know we need to start the class with a good 20 minutes of grounding and stabilising, before we can get to the core part of the class.

In imbalance, as can usually be experienced in the winter season, kapha can make us feel laziness, fatigue, dullness, slowness, negativity, depression, attachments to material possessions and weight gain. (is that why a few of you have missed your evening vinyasa classes??)

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Bindu- the 8th Chakra

If you’ve been following our chakra series over the last 7 newsletters, you will have read alot about opening the 7 chakras to reach enlightenment. Less is discussed about the 8th chakra– Bindu.

Bindu means point or drop and is the original point of creation of the whole body. At a universal level, entire existence manifests from bindu, and at dissolution– will return to bindu. Bindu harbours our vitality, zest for life, “inner child”, youthful zeal (and appearance if it’s protected appropriately).

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India Fever!!- Paneer Recipe

Just thinking about our  India Trip in July is making me excited about the food. I can’t go to India, or even an Indian Restaurant without ordering Palak Paneer- the divine curd like cheese served in a creamy spinach sauce.

I have searched local Indian delis for paneer and am always told it “just sold out”- or what i have bought has never been as delicious as what we get in certain restaurants, or what’s served everywhere in India.

Our yoga/ ayurveda fanatic wondermum Justine has shared her paneer recipe with me- so I suppose that means she’s shared it with us!! … Justine’s just the kind of Mum who cooks everything from scratch- stocks, stews … and of course she strains her own curds and indian specialty cheeses… So here goes:

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