Dosha for Autumn- Vata

Ayurveda studies our constitutions. In Ayurvedic terms, our specific constitution is our “prakrti” or our nature. Just as nature in the wild is comprised of the elements of water, earth, fire, air.. our own “prakrti” is a composition of kapha (earth/ water element); pitta (fire/water element); vata (air). We all have varying balances of these three elements. Our body type (thin/ fat/ tall/ small/ muscular etc) gives hints to which dosha dominates in our body- but we can be a mix- so don’t go just by body type alone. Various illnesses, ailments, issues with various systems may indicate “dosha imbalance” and this is what the science of Ayurveda predominantly deals with.
Over the next few months, we will cover the various doshas. So while we are heading into Autumn and the cooler months, we should cover Vata.

Quinoa Patties

My Mum’s Gluten Intolerant, and I love the idea that quinoa is a complete protein so one of the most ideal vegetarian alternatives to meat. But, as our good friend Clare Obeid, who compiles a must-read health blog called the Saha Space agrees, coming up with ideas to make quinoa taste interesting is a challenge.

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The Sahasrara Chakra- Your Crown Chakra

The indigo/ ultraviolet thousand petal lotus is the symbol of Sahasrara- the Crown Chakra… our seat of inspiration.

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