Summer Chicken Salad

What you need:

organic chicken either breast or thigh/ cut into pieces

water for steaming

capsicums- cut into strips

heirloom tomatoes (or from own vege patch if season is right and we have enough)

mixed lettuce



optional: chickpeas/ lentils/ some kind of beans

dressing: lime juice and extra virgin olive oil. place the capsicum slices under the grill, skin side up- until skin starts to blister. meanwhile, steam the chicken for about 15 mins- then turn the stove off and let the steam keep cooking the chicken. meanwhile, add rest of ingredients to salad.

I usually places the blistered capsicums in a plastic bag for a while.. then rinse them under a tap as i peel them.. these methods make the skin slide off.

add the chicken pieces.

toss the dressing over the salad. You can add chickpeas or lentils or bean of choice if you want something more filling.


Baked salmon.

Preheat oven to 180 deg

What you need:

fresh tasmanian salmon

lime or lemon

1 or 2 tablespoons of goats cheese


pop the salmon in foil, squeeze lime all over it, then sprinkle the cheese and chives on top. I then wrap the salmon up in the foil with an extra quarter of lime/ lemon.

bake 30 mins.