Ajna – the third eye…

The indigo 2 petal lotus represents the energy centre in our third eye centre. The “third eye” is located at our temple between our two eyes…. It is out seat of intuition, open-mindedness, creativity, positivity. The level of energy in we channel to this vortex inspires our thoughts, mind, creativity, reasoning, imagination.

So test yourself:

Which statements do you identify with:


  1. I don’t travel much. I don’t really like being out of my comfort zone. Or, if I travel, I only go to what I rate as “safe” places- where people speak the same language as i do.
  2. I love travelling to different places- learning about different cultures, eating different food, meeting different people
  3. I have gone on long trips – sometimes travelled for years on self-seeking spiritual journeys…


  1. I am a fussy eater. I don’t try different things. I usually eat the same thing every day
  2. I love trying new food. Doesn’t matter what nationality, flavour etc.. I am always curious- I love variety when i eat
  3. I sometimes completely forget to eat. I kind of eat to survive- so basically whatever is available when and if i am hungry is fine


  1. I’m not a reader
  2. I love all kinds of books- i read quite voraciously
  3. I love writing, reading- anything- whether it’s literature; poetry; non-fiction- i get totally lost in books


  1. I stick with the same group of people. We have similar interests and back grounds. My friends have been around for a long time- I don’t easily meet new people.
  2. I have a varied group of friends- who represent all the different aspects of my hobbies and passions.
  3. I don’t always feel like I belong in a “group”- I have various acquaintances whom i have met along the way- but they come and go.


  1. If someone confronts me in a negative way (anger; hate; aggression; jealousy), I take it very personally- and get angry with them- maybe not speaking to them again.
  2. If someone confronts me in a negative way, I stay calm, and try to work out how to handle them diplomatically. I try to understand where they are coming from- what is going on with them that is making them behave that way. If their behaviour is consistent, I make a decision whether to help them, or just start to distance myself from them.
  3. I don’t handle confrontation well. I don’t know how to respond- I sometimes lie to please the angry person. I forgive and forget quickly.

New things:

  1. I don’t embrace change too openly. I have to evaluate the pros and the cons, do research and then work out whether I welcome the new idea/ concept or not. Sometimes, even if the new concept seems acceptable, I stick with what I know because it is safe- tried and tested
  2. I keep an open mind about new concepts or ideas. I do evaluate pros and cons- but embrace change if I see that it will make an improvement, or provide a variety in life.
  3. I am always trying new things. I follow trends and fads. have been known to be a little too trusting. I have a tendancy to believe what people say to me, without really considering consequences.

If you picked mainly 1s, your energy is blocked in the lower regions of the body, unable to rise. You like your habits and comforts- you don’t try new things. You need routine and regime. You fear things that are different and at the extreme can be bigoted and closed minded.

If you picked mainly 2s, your energy is sound in the third eye area- as well as being sound from the base energy chakra (mooladhara) upwards. Your mind is open- you love novelty and new things, however you do your research- you don’t jump into things blindly. You love to travel, read, experience culture- you have a voracious appetite for information and learning.

If you picked mainly 3s, there is too much energy in this area. Maybe at the expense of energy in the lower regions. Sometimes, this leaves you craving to feed your aimless soul… you are sometimes very creative – either artistically, or a great writer, or always in search of spiritual guidance- but you lack grounding. you can be quite naive- too trusting- and not evaluating consequences. Your constant changing nature means you sometimes don’t hold jobs for long periods, or relationships.

A balanced, open 3rd eye requires a journey through the chakras where each chakra is opened systematically from the ground up. Going on intense spiritual journeys can bring prana into the third eye region, however, if you are not grounded; not comfortable with yourself, your emotions, your relationships, your posessions, or your ability to communicate, then the energy can unsettle you.

How to bring positive prana into the Ajna Chakra:

If prana is blocked

Meditation, Education

Mantra practice on the sound of Ohm

Either opening your mind through trying new experiences; cultures; food; music or books

savangasana (shoulderstand); halasana (plough).

If too much prana:- then more grounding postures- standing postures; balances; floor poses- forward bends.