Visshudha – throat chakra

When i first started studying the chakra system, it surprised me that voice and communication could be one of the 7 vital energy centres in the body. Was the art of conversation and listening as important as unconditional love? self esteem? grounding? reasoning? As someone who never had an issue getting their message across, I took for granted that a deficiency in this area has many repercussions on a journey towards a more enlightened state. It’s taken many years of teaching, and learning from my students that communicating doesn’t always come naturally. In fact, for those intending on becoming yoga teachers, this is a vital chakra to open and energise. Many of my most academic TTs have had to work specifically on this area as communicating their thoughts didn’t come naturally.

Even at a physical level, the throat chakra’s positioning is vital in terms of reaching enlightenment. It is the narrow passage that leads from the love-giving heart chakra to the intuitive third eye and inspirational sahasrara chakras. Often when energy in this area is blocked, sore necks, throats and tension headaches occur.

At an energetic level, if our throat chakra is closed, we cannot communicate our thoughts and opinions (from 3rd eye) or our emotions (from heart).. and there will inevitably be prana blockage between the two.

So test yourself – Getting your message across:

  1. When i want something done my way, I repeat my request and follow up many times to ensure it’s done. I raise my voice.
  2. I can speak my mind, I don’t feel the need to repeat myself as I trust that I get my message across the first time
  3. I fear speaking up or speaking my mind. I take path of least reistance, frequently not getting what i want or need

Art of conversation:

  1. I am a chatterbox, I love chatting away. Some may say that I am not a good listener. I feel the need to keep talking to sound interesting, or intelligent or to get attention.
  2. I have a clear voice, I am a good conversationalist but i also love to listen. I don’t need to fill gaps with noise
  3. I find small talk or conversation very difficult. In a large group, I am the quiet one. i do have things to say, but i am not comfortable enough to speak up.

health of voice/ throat

  1. I get sore throats regularly, and lose my voice. My voice is loud, some people have told me to turn the tone down.
  2. People say my voice has a lovely timbre to it. I don’t really suffer from voice/ neck issues
  3. My voice is quite weak. I get tension headaches due to tight, sore neck

6th sense

  1. Sometimes I dont realise I have offended someone until someone tells me. I can be abrupt and not be aware of people’s sensitivities.
  2. I am sensitive to people’s feelings so am aim to verbalise opinions or statements diplomatically. I understand people without them needing to speak.
  3. I don’t want to say anything in case i offend someone.

If you chose mainly 2s- your throat chakra is balanced.

Mainly 1s shows excess energy in the area. If this is the case, just remind yourself to speak slower, probably down a few notches- and to ensure you ask people questions, and listen to their answers. Don’t feel sef conscious when there are pauses or gaps in conversation. Remember- it is an excess of energy. If it is controlled and harnessed, it can lead to great things.mainly 3s shows low or blocked energy.

If you chose mainly 3s, your energy may be low or blocked in this area. This can happen within families where issues aren’t confronted or discussed, or where emotions aren’t freely expressed. Also, if traumatic incidences have been swept under the carpet as a way of moving on then the visshudu energy can stagnate. Try singing out loud- even if it’s in the car or bedroom!! Challenge yourself to stand up for what you want- even in a very small way (instead of letting someone else make the decision about which movie to see/ where to eat etc… express your decision- get your way!). Enjoy the liberation of getting your point across. If it’s in a work or relationship environment, and you are intimidated to express your feelings or opinions, understand that the actual fear of discussing the issue is what is eating you up… if you go and actually approach the person with your feelings, the sense of relief is unfathomable.

Yoga for the throat chakra:

mantra/ chanting. Visshudu resonates with the mantra Ham.

shoulder opening/ neck releasing warmups.

Jalandara Bandha (chin lock)

sarvangasana (shoulderstand); halasana (plough); karnapidasana (knee to ear).