Manipura Chakra Seat of Fire / Vitality / Control

Manipura is the “lustrous gem”, your seat of fire. It is the 3rd chakra (from base of spine upwards) and is located around the solar plexus/ diaphragm area. It is our fire element, yellow in vibrancy, it controls our digestive fire (appetite/ digestion/ metabolism) and also our sense of self- ie self control/ will/ esteem/ vitality. How we control our temper and moods is indicative of the health of this chakra, likewise, the nature of our attitude towards eating and diet also highlights balance or imbalance in this area. To find out if your manipura chakra needs nurturing and stabilising, answer the following questions. Just a warning, these questions may get a little personal- and require you to be true to yourself.

  • Moods/ temper
    (a) i can’t seem to control my anger. When something annoys me, i vocalise/ act out on my frustration immediately.
    (b) I don’t get angry or frustrated by much. i have “thick skin” so can handle confronting situations calmly. I sort issues out diplomatically and with open communication.
    (c) when things frustrate me, i bottle it up and don’t express how i feel. Sometimes, when things build up to fever pitch, I lose my temper and appear irrational
  • Appetite
    (a) i overeat. I often eat way over my “full” limit. After eating too much, i don’t feel great about it.. and often have digestion problems
    (b) i enjoy food in moderation. i know my “full” limit and usually stop eating when i reach it. I love the odd indulgence but balance my eating so i usually don’t need to feel guilty about a treat here or there.
    (c) i have control/ guilt issues about food. I have done most or all of the following: skipped meals; avoided whole food groups; gone on strict detoxes or rigorous diets; undereaten; binged, lost/ gained large amounts of weight.
  • Digestion
    (a) i suffer from bloating or irritable bowel.
    (b) i have comfortable digestive system and movements.
    (c) i suffer from stomach aches and pains. I can also suffer from IBS an bloating.
  • My physique
    (a) i am anywhere from a few kilos overweight to very overweight. i have a large stomach
    (b) i am within the healthy weight range. My stomach is toned and strong
    (c) i have weak core muscles, my stomach is sunken or very small.
  • Power
    (a) I like to be in control or dominance. I either run my own company or desire to be in a management position or position of power (maybe politics?). I play mind games in relationships (avoiding callling/ returning calls… make partner feel inferior or insecure).
    (b) I believe in cooperation, sharing of responsiblities. I am fair and just. I don’t feel threatened in the workplace or in relationships. I like peaceful relationships and can handle confronting ones diplomatically.
    (c) At work, I’d prefer not to manage people… but get frustrated when people in higher positions put me down, or take credit for my work. I feel insecure in relationships, and often end up with people who dominate me emotionally and mentally

if you picked mostly Bs… then your manipura chakra is stable. You radiate with vitality, energy and balanced self esteem. You are probably happy in your vocation in life and deal with people in an open, comfortable way. You’re a great team player, you bring out the best in colleagues and friends, letting everyone shine. You enjoy a healthy, balanced diet.. don’t follow fad diets or regimes. You are in good shape and don’t punish yourself if you enjoy an indulgence from time to time. You’re probably involved in a balanced, joyful relationship- you never feel insecure or needy, neither do you draw yourself towards those types of people.

If you picked mostly As- You need to be in control. Whether it’s of colleagues at work, life partner, your family, food. You do things to excess. You are quick to lose your temper, or “control”. You have a tendancy to overeat, be overweight and often suffer from digestive discomforts such as IBS. Your energy levels ebb and flow… without control. You have possibly achieved success in business, or politics, but you haven’t felt the need to win friends along the way. In a relationship, you often end up with needy people whose emotions you can control. if you don’t feel good about yourself, you drag others down with you- maybe by getting angry with them, manipulating them, or ignoring them.

If you picked mostly Cs: The prana in your control chakra is also blocked, but it is manifested in the opposite way- but like with many blockages in chakras, they are really the beginning and end points of the same continuum. You also have control issues, but because you feel inferior or not good enough sometimes, you try to control other things, your anger (passive/ aggressive temperament) or appetite (leading to possible eating and digestion disorders). You are attracted to dominating people, and then never feel like you are in control of your relationship (will he/ she ring? do i act “too keen” etc). You have experienced major weight loss, or are underweight. Your appetite is poor.

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